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How to optimize Youtube as your selling media

Anderson October 18, 2015 0
How to optimize Youtube as your selling media

Video as a medium has a great power which cannot be doubted in describing the product or service, particularly in some areas where most of the audience prefer to “watch” the content instead of reading. The popularity of YouTube is increasing year by year. Below are 9 tips to maximize the utilization of Youtube video:


First: Ask yourself the tough questions. Then write the answers.

Who are your target buyers?

What is the problem you want to solve for them?

How can you help them answer their questions?

Make sure the short duration

The duration of the video should be no more than 2 to 3 minutes. Too long video will make your audience losing their interest to watch. Focus on your main message and convey in under 3 minutes. You should know that 1.5 minutes is an ideal length.

Prioritizing the most important information

Summarize the most important information in the first 30 seconds of your video, so that the audience immediately understood the importance of watching your video. Do not let them guess. They watch a video in the hope that the video will answer any question they have.

The importance of practice

Practice reading your own content to determine if the content looks natural. You might need to buy Youtube views in increasing your video’s popularity. There are so many Youtube views providers on the Internet.

Talk to them

Try positioning yourself in their position and doing communication with them directly by using the word “you” – it will be easier for them to feel always connected to you.

Do not use rigid way of speaking

Key messages may be part of a concept created by you. Use simple language commonly used in everyday conversation. If you use too long jargon, acronyms, or the sentences, you will make your audience feel bored.

As what has been described above, you need to buy Youtube views from professional Youtube views providers; one of them is POP U Social. You can get information by visiting its home page.

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