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How to present your banner stand in Montreal

Anderson June 4, 2016 0
How to present your banner stand in Montreal

The main focus of your banner stand in Montreal is to effectively communicate what services the company offers, therefore it is important to be able to bring your presentation to life. Archex not only offers banner stand rental services, manufacturing and exhibition booth dismantling, but event management services as well. Here are our top tips for presenting your portable display:

Presenting banner stands in Montreal may be one of the best ways to reach a lot of people, but you are not the only ones who know that. You must therefore offer a unique presentation that captivates the viewer to distinguish you from the competition and generate more potential customers.  The look for your banner stand in Montreal is the first point of contact you have to communicate with the people who pass by. You want to ensure that the message delivered reflects the professionalism of the company while clearly representing the services you offer.  Do not feel shy or embarrassed to take advantage of strategic opportunities and locations where you could benefit from putting up posters. If there is an opportunity to make an announcement to a crowd on a microphone,  take advantage of it and invite people to come visit your exhibition booth.  Offering a free promotional gift to the first ten who show up will definitely increase the public’s interest.

Once you have generated the public’s interest, you want to make sure to offer them a warm welcome as the first impression has the most influence on what they will think of you in the end. Show them that you are available to answer their questions and let them take the initiative by approaching you without insisting that they speak with you. Be sure to have someone who will take care of the banner stand while other officials are busy. By offering something to drink or eat it will not only attract more people, but it will also give them a reason to stay with you and find out more details about the company. Showing a video on a screen or projector at your banner stand is, not only a good way to keep people from losing patience, but is also a great way to grab the interest of the public who are more shy, while communicating to them in clear and dynamic ways.

Be sure to allocate about seven minutes to each person so that you can share the required information in clear and concise ways, but while adapting to their individual needs.  By inviting them to participate in a game or activity of some sort, you are increasing the chance you have of getting people involved.  By approaching them in a fun way, it will increase the odds of them remembering the experience.  Before they head elsewhere be sure to offer them a small gift or coupon to remember you by. It may convert them into a customer in the future. Another technique is to collect an email list of people you have spoken with so that you can enter them into an online contest of some sort in the future. By presenting your interactive banner stand while providing a demonstration of your excellent customer service, you can be sure that you’ve made the most out of your exhibition booth in Montreal and that you will be remembered over your competitors.

Archex is available to help you through the required steps necessary so that your company can shine through your exhibition booth in Montreal. Do not hesitate to find out more, contact us if you are interested in our services or if you have any questions or inquiries.

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